Added conspicuous design prizes:


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Construction Materials PrizeCreativity PrizePurple PrizeArtistic Prize
Yachts PrizeIcon PrizePhotography PrizeCostume Prize
Successful PrizeExcellence PrizeAdvanced PrizePrime Prize
Rewarding PrizeMuseums PrizeTalents PrizeAward Prize
Greatest Design Pieces PrizeIndicator of Good Design PrizeFor Designers PrizeArchitecture Art and Design Prize
Design Olympics PrizeAdvertisement PrizeDesigners PrizeExcellent Prize
Top Designers PrizeFinancial Products PrizeResidential Housing PrizeEyewear Prize
Education PrizeInformation Processing PrizeAcademical PrizeGreen Goods Prize
White Goods PrizeWorldsBest PrizeDesign Entries PrizeMathematics and Nature Prize
Digital Devices PrizeElectronic Goods PrizeTechnical Design PrizeSocial Projects Prize
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