Added conspicuous design prizes:


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Fashion Garment PrizeCulinary Arts PrizeCore Resources PrizeAsian Prize
Houseware PrizeHomeware PrizeMilan PrizeCouncil of Creativity Prize
Research PrizeExpostitions PrizeLiterature PrizeConference Prize
Manufacturers PrizeItalians PrizeStreet Furniture PrizeGood Prize
Good PrizeAccomplished PrizeDesigners PrizeLeading Prize
The Best of All PrizeChallenge PrizeProfessional Designer PrizeChampion Prize
Pioneers PrizeFinancial Products PrizeConsumeables PrizeArchitecture Projects Prize
Financial Instruments PrizeHospitality PrizeConvention Centers PrizeConventions Prize
Art Portfolio PrizeTableware PrizeArt Events PrizeBlogging Prize
Tradefair Centers PrizeBlue Goods PrizeInteraction Design PrizeDesign Business Prize
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